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Energy Efficiency Built-In


We insulate our roof and our walls but not our windows which can lose up to 49% of heat in winter and gain 87% of heat in summer.AKTIVLight Integral blinds counter the effects of bright sunlight by diffusing natural light and creating a soft, uniform and glare-free environment.

This improves a room’s year-round functionality and avoids an over-reliance on air conditioning or artificial light, thus reducing operational costs and increases building occupant productivity and health.


Key Highlights

Buleets Reduces sun-light penetration upto 76%
Buleets Comfortable room temperature
Buleets Reduces power consumption
Buleets Customized control over light entering room
Buleets Less strain on eyes

Technical Specification

  Single Clear
5mm float glass
Double Glazed with blinds
Light transmission LT % 89 5
Light Reflectance External LR% 8 46
Solar radiant heat factor ET% 81 4
Solar Heat Reflectance ER% 7 38
Solar Factor g 0.84 0.15
Shading co-efficent SC 0.96 0.17
U-Value W/m sq. deg K 5.8 1.4
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