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Eclipse Global is a leading maker of insulated glass Venetian blinds AKTIVLiGHT and the only Indian company to run insulating glass under license from ISOLAR

AKTIVLiGHT integrated blinds & DGU Good reasons to choose AKTIVLiGHT - INTEGRAL BLINDS UV Resistant  Clean for life no risk of damage  Excellent light and solar control characteristic  Guarantees privacy  Linear design allows greater use of internal area  Long life  Maintenance free Watch Video Innovation Built-In Read more > Brochure R & D

Eclipse Global Pvt. Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of blinds and insulating systems of international standards.

The company provides innovative solar shading solutions for high performance with superior quality standards, including complete custom made solutions. We are acclaimed manufacturers of Integrated blinds installed inside hermetically sealed glazed units are our the most innovative and most advanced product. Our products have high degree Functional and esthetic values over normal blinds gives users unique benefits.

Eclipse Global is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and in technical collaboration with ISOLAR Germany for bringing its customers world class quality and technology since 2003.

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