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Technical Specifications



Buleets DC permanent magnet motor
Buleets Working voltage 24 V DC
Buleets Wattage 6W
Buleets European make


Buleets Single colour Aluminium Slats with UV Resistant Coating


Buleets Aluminium Alloy 6063T6 duly anodized or powder coated


Imported modified engineering polyester web UV resistant and good colour fastness for long lasting life.



Sealants for sealing will be DOW corning / GE-Bayer / Wacker (German) make silicone base single pack compounds and the tape of Norton make (Saint Gobain) / butyl sealant for fixing the glass and sealing of the complete system



Blinds sandwiched between two clear float glass (optional toughened glass can be provided on request)


Dessicant filled in air gap between spacer to avoid vaporization

The Motor is the main component of the system. It has been tested at the factory for 30000 cycles (1200 hrs of continuous operation). A controller is fitted with the motor for controlling movement.

This life cycle test can be considered as a general guideline for the life of the motor, given proper and careful use of the system. It would of course, get affected by unforseen eventualities / improper conditions / non-judicious use related to glass breakage, erratic power supply conditions, spikes damaging the power suppliant for the control of the blind system and electrical switches.


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