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Eclipse Global Pvt. Ltd is well-known in the Window Blinds Industry for developing and manufacturing glass insulated systems as per the highest International Standards. EGPL believes in “No compromiseā€ as far as the quality of the product is concerned. We offer our clients with innovative solar shading solutions for high-quality performance with quality standards and custom made solutions.

The most innovative and advanced products manufactured by us are the integrated blinds installed within hermetically sealed glazed units. We provide a wide range of blinds that are made and tested for better reliability.

A 100% assurance is provided to our customers in grade and quantity. We aim to provide higher quality products that improve the ambiance of your place.

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Huge Varieties Of Window Blinds

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Venetian blinds are made of thin horizontal slats placed one above the other, which can be adjusted to several angles to vary the amount of light that is allowed in.

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Honeycomb blinds are made of a sheet of continuous soft paper or cloth-like material with cells raised and lowered horizontally. It helps in reducing solar gain in summer and keeps cold out during the winter.

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Special blinds can be exceptionally customized to give our customers a better experience, with a combination of Venetian and honeycomb dual motorized blinds.

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DGUs are airtight construction of double insulated glasses. It creates thermal insulation that reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. It also provides active noise cancellation and lowers energy bills.

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The Aktivlight blind is installed in the space between the panes of an insulating glass pane. Held by a special frame system, the blind moves between the glass panes of the double glazing.

The systematic advantages of this system arrangement are manifold:


ISOLAR GLAS is an independent glass processing company that provides a tailor-made solution for every individual project. They offer a wide range of glasses, starting from traditional lead glazing to insulating glass for more energy efficiency. Undoubtedly, they are the leading suppliers of high-quality glass products in the whole world. Eclipse Global one of the renowned developers and manufacturers of Blinds, has an international affiliation with ISOLAR GLAS.

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  • no contamination of the slats
  • high hygienic properties (clinics, laboratories)
  • Constant reflection values
  • Possibilities of light control for daylight use
  • 100% available sun and glare protection, even on windy sunny days
  • no damage from wind, hail or vandalism
  • no thermal bridges such as a roller shutter box
  • high efficiency, reduction factor Fc comparable to an external blind
  • filigree slats with high transparency in a horizontal orientation
  • Exclusive look
Design & Colors
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