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Eclipse Global Pvt. Ltd (EGPL) is well-known in the Window Blinds Industry for developing and manufacturing glass insulated blind systems as per the highest International Standards under its brand name - AKTIVLIGHT.

EGPL believes in “No compromises” as far as the quality of the product is concerned. We offer our clients innovative solar shading solutions for high-quality performance with quality standards.

The integrated blinds installed within hermetically sealed "glazed units" are one of the most innovative products. We provide a wide range of blinds that are made and tested for long-lasting & superior performance.

We provide our customers with a 100% guarantee in grade and quantity. Our aim is to provide higher quality products that improve the ambiance of your abode.


Quick Fact Sheet

heat insulation

Heat Insulation


Sound Reduction

solar control

Solar Control

light optimization

Light Optimization

aesthetic design

Aesthetic Design

bird protection

Bird Protection

global protection

Glare Protection



Why Choose
Integral Blinds

  • Lifetime cleaning free (only glass needs to be cleaned from outside).
  • Highly hygienic.
  • Several possibilities of light control for optimized use of daylight.
  • Upto 100% sun and glare protection, even on sunny days.
  • No damage from wind, hail.
  • No thermal bridges such as a roller shutter box.
  • Filigree slats with high transparency in a horizontal orientation.
  • Exclusive look.

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certificate Management and IFT

certificate Creep Rupture Sys 20

certificate Creep Rupture Sys 29

certificate Durability Sys29

certificate Durability with UV

certificate Total energy transmittance Sys 20

certificate Total energy transmittance Sys 29

certificate ISOLAR certificate

certificate ISO certificate