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Our clients at Eclipse Global are served with two kinds of blinds, one is Honeycomb blinds, and the other is Venetian blinds. We have been a renowned industry in the window blinds and accessories manufacturing. Our long term experience in the industry gives us the edge of providing you professional service and guidance.

Eclipse Global is a leading maker of insulated glass Venetian blinds AKTIVLiGHT and the only Indian company to run insulating glass under license from ISOLAR. We are treated with the utmost attention in the market for our products and services. We look forward for you to enjoy our services and products.

Innovative Product
  • Continuous product development
  • Components used in the process are of highest grade and quality.
  • Variety of blinds made & tested for better reliability of the product.
  • Life cycle testing more than 25000.
  • Large blinds can be assembled and also tested on our machines for their full functionalities.
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Venetian blinds are made of thin horizontal slats placed one above the other, which can be adjusted to several angles to vary the amount of light that is allowed in.

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Honeycomb blinds are made of a sheet of continuous soft paper or cloth-like material with cells raised and lowered horizontally. It helps in reducing solar gain in summer and keeps cold out during the winter.

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Special blinds can be exceptionally customized to give our customers a better experience, with a combination of Venetian and honeycomb dual motorized blinds.

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DGUs are airtight construction of double insulated glasses. It creates thermal insulation that reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. It also provides active noise cancellation and lowers energy bills.

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