Custom made Blinds for your place

The biggest dilemma a person faces while setting up his/ her office is selecting the right type of window covering for your workspace. Window coverings and blinds are an integral part of home decor. The blinds also give various benefits apart from just adding to the home decor. There are various types of readymade window coverings and blinds, but Eclipse Global will tell you why you should opt for custom made blinds.

The years of experience in the blinds industry has given our experts at Eclipse Global insights on what might be the right choice of blinds for any customer irrespective of their requirements. Here is our guide to help you understand why custom made blinds might be the right choice for you. 

The benefits of having a custom made blinds:

No worries about Incorrect Sizes:

The blinds are designed and made to fit your window size perfectly. This makes the place look cooler, and one does have to worry about incorrect sizes. In an era where there are non-traditional and fancy window shapes, these custom-made blinds will come in handy.

Guaranteed Protection:

Eclipse Global manufactures and designs blinds that adhere to international and standard safety protocols. It gives you peace of mind, and the blinds can be customized for more privacy and safety.

Your Blind, Your Taste:

What is fun when you have to choose from something that is already there? Yes, Eclipse Global gives you a wide variety of options to choose the blinds of your choice. You can stylize every window according to your whims and fancies and make your visitors go in awe.

Customized Blind Preferences:

Our experts at Eclipse Global will design the blinds as per your specific requirements. The customizable options we provide include motorized controlling, UV Blocking, a wide spectrum of colors and textures, etc.

Size Matters:

Modern windows in many places are of irregular sizes. This issue gives the owner or designer of the place confusion in choosing the right blinds that fit all the windows. The custom made blinds give the designer or the owner of the place to conveniently fits all the window shapes and sizes.

Custom made blinds might be a little pricier than the normal ones, but it is worth the extra penny you spend. The blinds at Eclipse Global are made with the highest standard and quality to make it resistant to the wear and tear of the external world and lasts more than the other blinds in the market. So, if you are in the lookout for custom made blinds that are pocket friendly and lasts longer, then Eclipse Global will be your right choice.

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