Honeycomb Blinds & Its types

Blinds are an integral part of every household. They add vibrance and professional touch to the interiors of a place. The honeycomb blinds offer effective energy-efficient properties accompanied with a modern look. The honeycomb blind has very distinct features than other blinds. Its cellular structure creates a barrier and traps the air within its cells. 

The honeycomb blinds have layers of insulation that helps in regulating the indoor temperature of the rooms, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. The features of the blind help in cutting down energy bills cost. The honeycomb blinds are suitable for places with moderate to extremes of temperature.

The cellular blinds have excellent sound absorption properties in addition to the ambient temperature control feature. The honeycomb blinds help by dampening the sounds and reducing the external noises. There are various functionalities and varieties of blinds at Eclipse Global Pvt. Ltd for customers to select from. Here are some varieties of honeycomb blinds based on different aspects:

Cell sizes:

Eclipse Global manufactures honeycomb blinds in both single and double size cells. The insulation of the home varies with the difference in cell sizes. The customers can choose the cell size based on the amount of insulation and noise reduction required by him/ her. The double celled honeycomb blinds are preferred for the best level of insulation and active sound absorption. 

Fabric Transparencies:

The honeycomb blinds are available in three fabric transparencies- light filter, sheer, and blockout. The type of fabrics allows different levels of light to enter home. Sheer fabric allows natural sunlight to enter, while the blockout ones provide complete privacy by blocking out the sunlight. To obtain maximum insulation effect, we suggest the double cell honeycomb blinds with a blockout fabric for effective results. 

Models of Honeycomb Blinds:


The most standard model of the honeycomb blind is the bottom-up honeycomb blind. It operates in corded, cordless, or cord loop operation. The corded honeycomb blinds use the pull cord for the operation of the blinds, while the cord loop honeycomb blinds use a looping cord, whose cord length is constant for its operation. The cordless version of the honeycomb blinds uses hand control to operate the blinds. 

Top-down Bottom-up honeycomb blinds:

The top-down bottom-up honeycomb blinds by Eclipse Global are available in both corded and cordless operation. These types of blinds can be operated from top-down or bottom-up. The top-down bottom-up operation of the honeycomb blinds helps in higher privacy for the installed area.

Day & Night:

Eclipse Global specializes in offering the best of both the worlds by providing two blinds in one. The Day and Night honeycomb blind provide full privacy throughout the day. The day blinds offer a discrete level of privacy while the night blinds offer complete privacy. Cordless or corded operation is available for these blinds.


The motorized honeycomb blinds by Eclipse Global offers the smartest technology in blind automation. The blinds can be controlled with the press of a switch and come in three different model options- the bottom-up, top-down, or Day Night.


The perfect solution for sliding and bi-fold doors can be obtained by the vertical honeycomb blinds. It comes in only two options- standard or Day & Night option. The vertical honeycomb blinds can be operated by sliding right or left with the help of stacks.


Eclipse global manufactures the skylight honeycomb blinds specifically for the skylights. The distinct characteristics of the honeycomb blinds are integrated into the skylight version providing better insulation for your homes. It helps in controlling natural sunlight and effectively regulates temperature.

Blinds have been the trend this century, and Eclipse Global Pvt. Ltd, is one of the best blind manufacturers have left no stone unturned to embed functionality and innovation into the blinds offered to the esteemed customers. When you think about blinds, Eclipse Global has to be the first and best blinds manufacturer crossing your mind.

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