How It works
How it works ?

All the window blinds mostly work in the same manner. You can manipulate a blind by pulling a lift cord or with a remote controller. In regular blinds, the strings are attached to the bottom of the window coverings. You can control them with the help of the cord. The blind rises as the cord is pulled and lowers when it is released. In certain blinds like Venetian blinds, you can tilt and turn the slats to any degree to control the light. On the other hand, you can operate the motorized blinds easily by a remote controller or a smart phone with a single touch.

Interesting facts that you should know

Eclipse Global Pvt. Ltd. is the popular manufacturer of energy-saving integral blinds. We cater our customers with two excellent varieties of integrated blinds, one is honeycomb blinds, and the other is Venetians blinds. Both the blinds have greater energy-saving efficiency. With our integral blinds, you will be able to control the temperature and daylight in your room.

  • Insulation
  • Temperature Control
  • Natural light


Whether it is a corporate office, hospitality, hospital, educational institute, IT firm, clubhouse or your dream house, window blinds are essential to protect your privacy without losing the natural light and view. The insulated integral blinds reduce your power consumption and saves electricity. Make your living space cool and comfortable both during winter and summer days with the perfect window treatments.
Our window treatment comes with glass insulations. It will help in trapping radiant heat in winter and reduce unwanted heat gain in summer. Thus reducing power consumption of excess AC load and artificial lights cost.

Heat Control

The radiant heat from the sun is desirable in the winter but is equally tedious to tolerate in the summer. We are ready to serve you with an excellent and modern blind that will fulfill your requirements of blocking up the heat generated by the sun and help you to keep your room temperature cool and comfortable in summer.



Using natural light is a better option, because it helps you to reduce the consumption of electricity. Day time the sunlight can be used rather than the artificial lights. With our Window blinds, you can control the amount of daylight entering your room and have a customized daylight.
Enhance the look with a sleek and stylish interior, and reduce your energy consumption by using eco-friendly blinds at a pocket-friendly budget!!