In recent times blinds have become an integral part of every decor. They are easy to maintain and help you in adjusting the light and temperature of your room. Eclipse Global is serving their blinds in different industries to enhance the comfort and efficiency. We provide you with a wide range of blinds available in different colors and shades that are used in residential and commercial places. Our representative will visit your place to help you in understanding and selecting the best fit blinds for you.

  • Corporate
  • Educational institute
  • Hospital
  • Hotel Industries
Applicable Segments


Blinds are easy to maintain. When it comes to employee’s privacy, blinds never disappoints. The blinds allow the light to enter into the office without compromising privacy. Besides, at an affordable rate, you can enhance your office’s aesthetic appeal. Confused to make the right choice for your place? Then, contact us, we will select the best fit for your office at your budget.


Most of the institutes prefer using daylights instead of light bulbs or artificial lights to reduce energy expenses. Our window blinds for the educational institutes serve the best money-saving opportunities and most excellent quality. We have an enormous variety of shades for your educational institute that will help you to keep control over the daylight coming into the room or hall. It will also help in insulating the outside temperature.



A hospital is a place that maintains the comfort and privacy of a patient. Our blinds will serve your clinic with these benefits by keeping excellent control over the entrance of heat and light. We will offer you with the screens that are easy to operate, long-lasting, and cost-effective. We have a wide variety of blinds, and will assist you in selecting the one that suits the decor of your hospital.


For maintaining the privacy of rooms, window blinds are essential. Most of the big hotels are now making use of the shades in different places in their hotels. We have many blinds that suit modern hospitality spaces. We will serve you with the best window blinds that will help you in reducing energy expenses. It will equally improve the beauty of the place.



Decorate your homes with the sophisticatedly designed blinds by Eclipse Global. Our blinds cater to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. The blinds are designed by keeping the comfortability and affordability factors in mind. The blinds provide comprehensive light control, and it also acts as an insulator by providing ambient temperature control.